Reggie Bush: I came to Detroit to Win Championships

Posted on May 25, 2013 by

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Spirits seem to be high around the Detroit Lions these days. Extremely high, for a team that was only able to secure 4 victories during the 2012 season.

But, every season is a new start and the Lions were able to secure some key free agents this off-season. Particularly help at the running back position with speedster Reggie Bush.

Bush is happy to be in the city and has shared his expectations for the team multiple times. Even once going as far to say his new quarterback Matthew Stafford is a future Hall of Famer. But his latest comments might raise eyebrows the highest.

Per Detroit News: “I came here to work,” Bush said, via the Detroit News. “I didn’t come here to vacation. I came here to win championships, to win football games, and that’s what I look forward to doing.”

Bush went on to elaborate that he is enjoying his time with the Lions significantly more than his former teams.

“Some guys have been asking me, ‘How was Miami? How was South Beach,’” he said. “I tell them, you know, it’s nice but if the football isn’t right, it doesn’t matter where you are at. If your work isn’t right, you are not going to be happy. As long as we take care of business here, this can be an amazing place. I think it has a lot to offer. I look forward to getting into that stadium and hearing those fans be as loud as ever.”

I can appreciate the positive outlook from one of the newest Lions but I just want to pump the brakes a little bit.

This team took a huge step forward with their playoff appearance in 2011, but many would argue they took just a big of a step back when they were only able to win 4 games in 2012.

Making the playoffs is a reasonable goal this season but winning a Super Bowl seems to be a bit far-fetched at this point, particularly in the rough NFC North.

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