The Game Starts Online Petition For G-Unit Reunion

Posted on January 30, 2013 by

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We all know The Game is pretty unpredictable at times, and I definitely didn’t see this one coming. Game took to his Facebook page to announce that he was starting a petition for a G-Unit reunion.

HipHop-N-More goes on to report further about The Game and 50 Cent potentially getting back together saying:

10 days ago, Game’s manager Taydoe told The Wall Street Journal that he has been trying to get Game and 50 back together but the latter has time and again refused to respond positively to the offer. 50 recently also said the a reunion album or song between the original members — Buck, Banks & Yayo was “unlikely”.

It’ll be interesting to see what ends up happening, and if a G-Unit reunion is ever truly a possibility. Personally I think they will get back together someday, but it really all depends on 50 Cent now.

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