Magic Johnson: Clippers are the new ShowTime

Posted on December 26, 2012 by

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If you haven’t been paying attention, the Los Angles Clippers have won 14 games in a row.

It’s not extremely surprising that they have been able to pull this off. Everyone knew coming into this season that the Clippers had an immensely talented squad after last years playoff berth. The surprising thing is the fashion with which they have won these games. Alley-oops, fast breaks, amazing dunks. The Clippers put on one of the most exiting shows every time they step on the court.

So exciting in fact, it reminds some people of the Showtime Lakers. Actually, it reminds the head of the Showtime Lakers Magic Johnson of his old team.

Here’s what he had to say when talking about the Clippers.

Per Blacksportsonline“I thought I would never, ever see Showtime again. And I was the architect of Showtime. The Clippers? That’s Showtime,” Magic said on ESPN.

When you look at it, Magic’s sentiments make a lot of sense.

With the best point guard in Chris Paul running the show, the Clippers can play the same style of ball as the Showtime Lakers. We’ll have to see if this translates into a deep playoff run.

But as of now, the Clippers have put the league on notice.


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